As Zty health family, we want to keep the service you receive at the highest level. That’s why we make hospital preferences for A + hospitals. As Zty Health, we are performing our operations in Medicana Kadıköy Hospital. It is important for us to feel at home after the surgery. A few images of our hospital are presented below.

  • Zty_Hastane_10
  • Zty_Hastane_9
  • Zty_Hastane_8
  • Zty_Hastane_7
  • Zty_Hastane_6
  • Zty_Hastane_5
  • Zty_Hastane_4
  • Zty_Hastane_3
  • Zty_Hastane_2
  • Zty_Hastane_1
  • Zty_Hastane_18
  • Zty_Hastane_17
  • Zty_Hastane_16
  • Zty_Hastane_15
  • Zty_Hastane_14
  • Zty_Hastane_13

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