The Zty Health Team offers you the right choice of hotel by considering the ongoing treatment process of our guests with hospitals and clinics. One of the advantages of performing our aesthetic surgery in Turkey is also a lot of A Class Hotel options in Istanbul.

  • Conner Suit-3
  • Corner Suit
  • corner suite-2
  • Dublex Deluxe Suite
  • Dublex Deluxe Suite-2
  • Jacuzzi Suite With Terrace
  • Jacuzzi Suite With Terrace-2
  • Junier Jacuzzi Suite
  • Junier Jacuzzi Suite-2
  • Loft Jacuzzi Suite
  • Loft Jacuzzi Suite-2
  • Loft Suit
  • Loft Suit-2
  • One Bedroom Suite
  • Presidential Suite
  • Presidential Suite-2
  • Two Bedroom Suit

Let’s list our other reasons for Preferring Istanbul

-The fact that the Hotels are close to the Hospitals
-The fact that no need to experience  the trouble of going long distance for your control
-The fact that there are hotels that pay attention to hygiene
-The fact that there is a low risk of infection
-The fact that transportation is close to historical places and sightseeing streets
-The fact that the hotel prices are affordable in Istanbul

As Zty Health Team, we are sure that we will make you and all our guests who will come after you experience this adventure, just like as we did to our previous guests.

From the moment you arrive in Istanbul, the transfer process is carried out by the Zty Health Team. All the transportation adventure of our guests, to hospital or clinic, or to the hotel where he/she will be accommodated or in line with the demand a tour of Istanbul, is provided by our experienced organization team.

Zty Health International Organization Team determines the expectations of our guests from the arrival process to the return process and realizes the transportation network according to this need.

Some of our guests come before the treatment process to visit the historic Istanbul, to take advantage of many activities while some of our guests may leave this choice after treatment.

Meet this privileged service via Zty Health.
We are directing the Health Assistant to all our patients who step into Istanbul. We do not leave you alone for a moment so as not to experience the negativity faced by many guests from abroad.

Our health assistant will answer your questions, provide you with the service you desire and will be with you during the entire operation.

We will always be with you in order for you not to experience language problems, not to experience negativity in a giant city like Istanbul and to make you feel at home.

We answer your questions.

Ask Any Questions That You Have and Our Consultants Will Respond.